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Spiced Apple

Apple, cinnamon and cloves coated in fruity notes of peach, berry, pear and orange.


Notes of Mango, apricot peel and mandarin leaves closely related to raspberry, iris, gardenia, coumarin and brown sugar crystals.

Herbal Mint

An exotic spicy blend of cinnamon, mint, wintergreen, clove and cardamom intertwined with sultry jasmine and fresh eucalyptus leaves warmed by sandalwood and amber.

Cucumber melon

Sparkling notes of melon, lemongrass and cucumber intertwined with floral geranium, apple blossom, mango and fruitiness.


Honeysuckle’s recall you to a long walks on the beach, strolls after dusk, and relaxing outside in the warm spring air.

Ocean Mist

Aquatic notes mixed with citrus blossom, orange and lemon. Floral heart infused with rose and jasmine is balanced with lavender, coumarin, musk and fir.

Tutti Frutti

Orange, pink grapefruit and kiwi sparkle on a heart of peach nectar, tamarind and coconut milk; and a delectable base of ginger, rhubarb and vanilla.

Cotton Blossom

Soft cotton flower, flax flower, soft lily of the valley, spring flowers wrapped in accords of violets, petals, tuberose, nectarine and pink melon. Back of the notes of sandalwood, silk wood on a background of white powdery musk.


Citrus is a blend of orange verbena, lemon and citrus fruit combined with sweet notes of nectarine, coumarin and vanilla.


A blend of citrus notes, fresh cotton and a shimmering lavender bouquet at the heart of this fragrance. Rich notes of vanilla woods, blends of sweet musk and golden amber for the mellow tones of lavender creation.

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