Door Fresh

Scalable odor control for any restroom

Scalable odor control for any restroom.
Use the Brain at the entrance door and place 1 Drone in each stall at the odor source. The Brain’s replacement system tells you when to replace both the Brain’s and the Drone’s air fresheners. Layered fragrances provide unparalleled performance for the restroom at low-cost.

The unique design uses airflow created by doors.
The more the door moves, the more fragrance is released. Gradually releases more fragrance than gels or metered aerosols over 30 days. Creates a great first and last impression in any restroom.

The latest generation of air freshener that you will never want to remove!
The Brain has lifetime warranty.

Easy to maintain
The Brain reminds you when to replace its refill with an LED reminder starting on day 30, and an audible alert that begins on day 34.

Eco Friendly
Each refill is 100% recyclable. Place refills in a recycling bin.
Refills and power packs are both part of the free closed loop recycling program.

Use a Brain by the entrance door and 1 Drone per stall for a consistently fresh restroom.

  • The Brain (Shown in red)
    Use it beside the restroom entrance door to create a great first and last impression.
  • The Drone (Shown in green)
    Use one in each stall to easily and effectively freshen at the odor source.


    Door Fresh Spring Rain #610714

    Spring Rain


    Door Fresh Sweet Pea #610715

    Sweet Pea


    Door Fresh Sun Ripened Raspberry #610717

    Sun Ripened Raspberry


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    Download Catalog