Glamoor® Papillon Air freshener

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Butterfly-shaped perfume diffuser to decorate your home or office.

  • Orange : With a pleasant scent of mango / orange;
  • Yellow : With a pleasant scent of vanilla;
  • Rose : With a pleasant scent, clean clothes;
  • Blue : With a pleasant scent of sea breeze.
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The Glamoor® fragrance diffuser, the hidden fragrance diffuser.
The Glamoor® butterfly is an ideal fragrance diffuser to decorate your home, office or commercial space.

With pleasant scents such as eternal vanilla, the fruity scent of mango / orange, the light and refreshing scent of sea breeze (Marine Brise), or finally the Smooth Clothes with this incredible smell of clean clothes just out of the washing machine and that intense floral softener scent.

Each of the butterflies can be identified by its vibrant colors:
Yellow for vanilla, orange for Mango / Orange, deep ocean blue for Marine breeze or pink for Smooth Clothes to better match your decoration. Your interior will surely love it.